Sterling Playbook 2021

Why do we exist?

Our purpose is to connect people in meaningful work.

How do we behave?

We balance freedom & responsibility and expectations & grace by practicing vulnerability-based trust and embracing productive conflict

Vulnerability-based Trust 

We create a space that feels safe for productive conflict by being honest about our weaknesses and mistakes by letting go of pride and fear.

Productive Conflict 

We achieve the best outcome when we share our perspectives and disagree about important issues.

  • Effective Feedback – SBI
  • Equal Talking Time
  • Generous Listening
  • Advice Process
  • MS Teams

What do we do?

We help people find work that enriches their lives.

We help companies build great teams.

How will we succeed?

What is most important right now?

Thematic goal:
Tech-Enabled Transformation

To turn our tech investment into results, we need to finish the implementations, master the systems, and empower people to do the best work of their lives.

Defining Objectives:

  1. Finish Tech Stack Implementation – finish new tech implementation projects (Marketing Hub, Salesforce, Client App, Matchfield, Interview Assistant, etc.) and make sure systems are connected well to drive efficiency.
  2. Marketing Transformation – learn our new software, find new marketing channels and run experiments to find more targeted ways to reach prospects to increase efficiency and conversion.
  3. Sales Transformation – become experts at O365, Outreach, Salesforce, and other new systems to run experiments to increase efficiency, improve conversion, and give a consistently great prospect/client experience.
  4. Recruitment Transformation – become experts at using Livehire, adapt our processes to use new features to drive efficiency & create an amazing candidate experience. Work closely and quickly with Livehire to address gaps in the system.
  5. New Business Models – use our new tech to run tight experiments to find product/market fit with new business models we can scale.